Micheal DJ DayHow Do You Decide Who To Hire?

DJs can cost from $200 to $2000. I don’t suggest booking anyone at either of those extremes. But remember that you always get what you pay for. In the end, your entertainment will probably cost between 5% and 10% of your party. That’s not too bad for something that can make or break the event.

Here are some questions to ask your potential DJ or Entertainment Agency:

1. Will the DJ let you see him/her perform, or restrict you to a well-rehearsed and edited video tape? Most of my colleagues prefer not to allow this because it would be “crashing” a party. Their fear might be that a client will show up and the “guaranteed DJ” won’t be there. I can’t allow party crashing either as most brides don’t agree to it, however I am happy to meet with you.

2. Do you feel comfortable with the DJ Service/Agency and do you get direct access to your own DJ right away(so that you may work directly with him/her and discuss important items prior to signing a contract)?

3. Is the DJ willing to work within the needs (flexible) of the customer to make the party the customer’s dream party? See my Tales of Woe page.

4. Does the DJ understand the “Big Picture” (meaning all of the elements of your party)?

5. If #4 is “Yes”, can the DJ make suggestions that can help you get the best out of your entire event?

6. Does the DJ respect you as a consumer and is he/she willing to hold your date while you shop and evaluate?

7. Does the DJ have the flexibility in his/her personality to offer you a “fun” or a “classy” approach?

8. Will the DJ meet with you if requested?

9. Will the DJ provide you contact information and be responsive before and after the contract is signed?

10. Will the DJ treat your party as if it were a special event (rather than one among many)?

11. How does your DJ work with other professionals (caterers, photographers, wedding coordinators)?

12. Will your DJ be willing to turn over control of the party to others if the venue/catering establishment requires it, or if there is a wedding coordinator in charge?

13. What kind of equipment does the DJ use AND who owns it (if it belongs to the “agency” does the DJ know how to operate it?

14. If using a computer, does the DJ have the right computer equipment for multimedia purposes (there are differences)?

15. Does the DJ have a comfort level with the volume and the acoustics of the venue?

16. What happens if your DJ is sick on your wedding day?

17. How does your DJ mix up (sequence) the music?

18. Will the DJ/DJ company be professional enough to accept your credit card payment?